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  • Avatar Analytics

    We are The Leaders In Consumer Behavior and are dedicated to helping you take your company to the next level faster and easier than ever before.

    With everything you need to dominate your market, we are proud to offer to you our new and revolutionary all-in-one business, research and marketing solution.

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  • Superior Marketing Solutions

    Discover new and powerful ways to reach more buyers while slashing costs and increasing profits.

    From research and product design through to launch and global marketing campaigns, Avatar Analytics has the power to help you.

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  • Industry Specific Solutions

    Avatar Analytics offer innovative and profitable solutions to help companies in almost any industry excel.

    We will tailor design a plan specifically for your company that will help you overtake all your competitors and become the leaders in your field.

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  • Polling On Steroids

    Access our list of over 10 million real people and get genuine answers to your consumer related questions within 24 hours.

    Find out what consumers think of your products and services and whether they like your new product ideas.

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  • Advanced Predictive Modelling

    The Avatar Database is our powerful consumer modelling program that tells you what buyers will do before they do it.

    With guaranteed results that are so accurate it's like having your own crystal ball, your competitors will watch jealously as you easily remain at the forefront of your industry.

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  • Detailed Consumer Archives

    With over 30 years of detailed buyer spending records, Avatar Analytics can show you exactly who bought which products.

    And more importantly, why they bought, and what made them choose the brands they chose.

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  • Global Business Solutions

    We can help you expand your company's reach all around the world by showing you the right way to enter foreign markets and the mistakes and pitfalls to avoid.

    Easily increase brand awareness, develop greater customer loyalty and dominate the global marketplace.

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  • The Path To Success

    Consumer knowledge is the key to greater success and increased profits for your company.

    Success in business is hard at the best of times. Without the right knowledge it's like being lost in the woods.

    Avatar Analytics will guide you through the consumer landscape so you can relax and watch your profits soar.

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Welcome To Avatar Analytics

The Ultimate Business Solution

Avatar Analytics is the new benchmark in analytics for business and offers an all-in-one business solution to companies everywhere.

With literally petabytes of truly accurate Big Data that can benefit any company, we can quickly and easily provide you with comprehensive answers to all of your consumer questions.

All of our data is connected to real individual consumers, so not only are you spared the time and cost of sifting through masses of random data, but the information can also be used to accurately model and predict future possibilities.

This provides your company access to the power of big data without all the typical problems, saving you not only time and money, but also giving you greater peace of mind about the accuracy of the informtion.

As a division of The Center For Corporate Anthropology, we are the leaders in consumer psychology and behavior and have created a service unlike any other.

If you would like to know more, please take a look around our site or Contact Us us today.

With groundbreaking technology, extraordinary people and a wealth of knowledge and experience, Avatar Analytics is THE ultimate business tool for today and into the future.

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Consumer Data

Discover exactly what consumers want and how to make them buy it.

With over 30 years of detailed consumer records, more than 10 million real people available to survey,  and revolutionary predictive modelling technology, Avatar Analytics provides the most powerful and strategic use of big data available anywhere.

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The Power Of Past, Present And Future

Avatar Analytics has detailed records of consumer buying habits going all the way back to the 1970's. We know who bought what, where they bought it, why they bought it, and why they didnt choose a competitor's product or service instead. These archives have now been opened up and are available for you to access.

We also have a list of over 10 million people available to take your questions. You can survey them and ask anything you like about their buying habits and reasons for their purchases or anything at all to do with consumer spending. We like to call this our "Polling On Steroids Service". It can also be used to test new product or marketing ideas

Finally we have our Avatar Database. This powerful and revolutionary program contains over 5 Million Gigabytes of data and requires the use of 2 of the world's most powerful supercomputers located on 2 different continents. The Avatar Database is built on highly advanced simlulated modelling and predictive technology and gives astonishingly accurate answers to any questions about what consumers will do in the future. It is the closest thing there is to a crystal ball.

When you combine these 3 parts of our service together you have something so incredibly powerful that nothing can match it.

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With unique ways of developing business and marketing solutions, Avatar Analytics can help you with every aspect of your business.

From market and demographic research through product development and testing right up to full scale marketing and global expansion, Avatar Analytics can help you every step of the way

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Solutions For Every Part Of Your Business

Avatar Analytics offers cutting edge innovative solutions to all your business and marketing needs. Combining many decades of experience in consumer psychology, behavior and spending habits with our highly advanced proprietary computer systems, we have everything you need to take your company to the next level and beyond

From research through development and testing and onto full blown marketing campaigns and international growth, Avatar Analytics is a complete service offering personalized solutions made specifically for your company.

Discover how to get ahead of your competition and how to stay ahead.

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As Leaders In Consumer Behavior, Avatar Analytics has the ability to help almost any company in almost any industry.

If your company develops products or services to sell directly to consumers or if you manufacture anything that somehow involves consumer use, our service can help you skyrocket your profits while reducing your overheads.

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Solutions For Any Consumer Related Industry

If your company creates and manufactures products that are sold directly to consumers we can help you.

If your company creates or manufactures products that involve consumers as their end users we can help you. This includes industries such as biomedical and aerospace - even though consumers do not purchase your products they are the ultimate end users when they sit in a dentist's chair or have an X-ray taken or sit in the cabin of an airliner as it crosses the country.

If your company can be helped at all by having a better understanding of what consumers want and how they will react to different products and situations then we look forward to working with you.

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